Integrating Alignment and Flow

Learn to Love Backbends

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Saturday, December 5 – 2-4:30pm

Cost: $40 (E-transfer or cheque/cash only)

Location: Yoga on 7th (156 East 7th Ave) – Laneway entrance

Backbends can be quite emotionally and physically challenging. They’re the opposite action of most everyday activities, which is why backbends are so healing. They reverse these habitual motions helping to restore balance to our bodies.  Backbends also energize the body and can lift our spirits when we are down.

In this 2.5 hour workshop you’ll learn how to use and integrate your muscles to keep you safe and strong in backbends.  Starting with simple actions, we’ll teach you the important but usually overlooked details on how to access the upper back and how to open the front of the body. Then we’ll build on these basics to take you deeper into your backbends.

In the first half of the workshop, led by Iyengar yoga teacher Siobhan Sloane-Seale, you’ll establish a solid foundation with slow, detailed and sometimes intense work. Siobhan will teach you how to modify poses to suit the needs of your own body which will build your body intelligence and awareness.

The second half of the workshop, led by yoga instructor Bless Leone, will teach you how to integrate what you learned in the first half into a sequence of moving postures in a way that’s safe, strong and builds confidence in your backbend practice.

Why Alignment and Flow?

Movement-based yoga gives you a different kind of strength and flexibility than Iyengar yoga’s stillness and long holds. If you only learn to engage your body in long postural holdings, your practice can easily become rigid and stagnant. If you only flow quickly, you might feel strong and flexible, without realising you’re missing a deeper muscular stamina. Learning how to work in a deeper more integrated way, means that when you stretch, it will be from a place of grace, awareness, and wholeness. When you merge strength and movement, you’ll find balance.

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