June workshop at Yoga on 7th

Integrating Alignment and Flow

Forward Bends and Twists

bless-forward bend

With Siobhan Sloane-Seale and Bless Leone

Saturday, June 18th

2-4:30pm at Yoga on 7th

Starting with anatomy and alignment principles, we will teach you how to create more space in the sides and back of your body, allowing you more freedom in your twists and forward bends. You will learn a sequence of moving postures in a way that’s safe, strong, and builds confidence in your forward bends and twists. As we expand on the practice, the symbiotic relationship of these two groups of poses will help you to go deeper into each posture, laying the foundation for seated work. We will finish by breaking down each pose with a slow and detailed approach taking you into some uncommon and interesting postures!

Why Alignment and Flow? 

It is important to learn how to properly execute yoga postures before moving quickly through them. This allows your body to be safe, integrated, and grow stronger. Once you have established awareness in your practice it is beneficial for you to move in different ways so that the body and mind do not become stagnant. When you merge alignment and flow, strength and movement, a graceful balance emerges.

Benefits of Forward Bends:                            Benefits of Twists:
>calms the nervous system                               >energizing
>reduces stress on the heart                             >relieves back, neck and shoulder pain
>activates a sluggish liver                                  >tones and massages the abdominal organs
>improves digestion                                           >increases flexibility in upper back and hips

Early bird rate: $40 (by June 11th)
Regular price: $45
Location: 156 East 7th Ave (Laneway entrance)

Space is limited. Reserve your spot today!

For more information on the instructors and to register:

Contact Bless: [email protected]

Contact Siobhan: [email protected]