Yoga for Lazy Days – Part Two

Feeling Bleh? Try this one…

2) Gomukhasana is a great pose you can do just about anywhere. If you have the space and the inclination, you can sit in the full pose. If not, you can just do the arms while standing in Tadasana (Tadasana Gomukhasana). If you can’t clasp your hands together, hold a belt in your top hand and grasp it with your lower hand, gradually working your way up the belt to your final pose. The tendency in this pose is to shorten your side body, typically on the side of your lower hand. Correct this by bringing even length into both sides of your body by rooting both feet into the floor (sitting bones, if sitting), and lengthening upwards.

Here’s Mr. Iyengar demonstrating the full pose:

Mr. Iyengar sitting in Gomukhasana


…and here’s what the modified pose looks like:

A person sitting in modified Gomukhasana.


Benefits: Helps uplift the spirits (great for sadness or depression), alleviates cervical spondylosis, improves breathing, strengthens knees (the standing pose), reduces sciatic pain, corrects flat feet.

***Remember to breathe***