Yoga For Lazy Days – Part Six

5) Supported Savasana/Supported Salamba Matsyasana is a lovely pose for days you don’t have the energy for anything. Place a bolster across your mat at the base of your shoulder blades. Alternatively, you can use blocks as in this picture:

Woman in supported Corpse pose.


The head support is a good idea, if you’re stiff in your upper back. You can go deeper by gradually lessening the height. If you’re more open in your back and chest, you can work towards no height under your head, and even deepening the pose by raising the height of the support under your thoracic.

Benefits: This pose does wonders for mood, breathing and opening the upper chest and spine. It also alleviates stress, migraines, insomnia and fatigue, and enhances recovery from serious and chronic illnesses.

So now you have 5 wonderful poses that are easy to do, take very little time, and make a huge difference in how you feel. Next time you find yourself feeling too tired to do yoga, you know that there are still a number of poses you can do that fit your energy level.

***Remember to breathe***