Yoga for Lazy Days – Part Four

Feeling Bleh? Try this…

4) Baddhakonasana lends itself very well to a lazy day because it’s partially active and involves sitting in a comfortable position. But don’t be fooled — there’s a lot of good happening in this pose. And who doesn’t want lots of benefits without a lot of work?

The work you want to be doing in this pose is elongating evenly through the side body, pressing the soles of your feet together, and attempting to move your thighs lower to the ground. To start you need to sit on enough height for your knees to be lower than your hips and have a downward tendency. You can facilitate this downward movement by resting or gently pressing your hands down against your knees. If you’re quite open, you may need no height at all. Five minutes in this pose is excellent.

A yoga student sitting in Baddha Konasana.


In this quiet place, you have a great opportunity to become more spacious and meditative by focusing on your breathing. If you like, you can take longer, slower deep breaths to increase your vibrance and tranquility.

Benefits: Good for kidney and prostate health, helps treat urinary tract disorders, reduces sciatic pain, prevents hernias, helps the reproductive system, corrects irregular menstruation, reduces testicular pain and vaginal irritation.

***Remember to breathe***