Yoga For Lazy Days – Part One

Feeling bleh, but don’t feel like twisting yourself into a figure 8? Fear not…there’s a lot you can do while pretty much sitting on your derriere. Here are 5 easy ways to get your yoga in without feeling like you’re doing yoga.

1) This one Yoga on 7th teacher Eve Johnson calls TV yoga, because you can literally do this while sitting on the couch watching the tube. How easy is that?

Fingers interlocked with toes

Interlace your fingers between the toes of your opposite foot (left hand to right foot or right hand to left foot). Try to get the webbing of your fingers right into the webbing of your toes for a deep lock. This will probably not be possible at first, but that’s the goal. Don’t force it, though. If you can’t get that deep, aim for the next knuckle up. If you can only get the tips of your fingers in between your toes, for example, then aim for your first knuckles. Check out Eve’s post for an image and deets:

Benefits: Better balance, more aliveness and intelligence in the feet, a feeling of rootedness both on and off the mat, a healthy boost of endorphins.

***Remember to breathe***